• Made in Normandy from

apples specially grown in Northern France and grapefruits from Spain

• Naturally fermented, no sugar added

• Gently effervescent

2.5% ABV

Tasting Notes

Perfect balance of sweetness, tartness,

and complexity


Smooth and clean, typically sipped

straight or over ice

Discovering Pamplemousse


Where To Buy

The sketchy dude dating my roommate

This is Kevin... one of the co-founders and 

friend. He was dating my roommate Haruka-san, and he was always lurking around the house. We ended up 

becoming friends and business partners.


Kevin is French but from Brittany... kind of like the Texas of the USA.  It’s a separate culture and they drink cidre..not wine.


This is the man behind our #1 seller...

...The infamous Pamplemousse. Kevin and I put all our money in this company and we lived (still do!) in poverty.




One day we just ate bread and water..

like prisoners…


Living the dream…

Brittany, France



1 ounces Mesh & Bone Sotol

2 ounces Mesh & Bone Pamplemousse

Garnish with lime peel.

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