Why am I Here?

I spent the last 22 years working

around the globe and blessed to discover

so many places, people and products,

and I can truly say that we are all a

MESH of one courageous spirit..


all of us made of flesh and BONE.


I started this company to spread this

epic message.

- Scott

Scott N.Y.C.
Scott harvesting Sotol. Chihuahua, Mexico

The Journey Begins

I’ve been amazed to see how simple products can serve as gateways to understanding different cultures. 


I saw this especially with food and drink, and my strongest

connections with locals usually happened over a bottle of their native spirit.


It was surprising how many of these spirits were unknown to the outside world…even though they were incredible!  I wanted to share these treasures with the world.

Scott and Ana María prepare for flight. Chihuahua City, Mexico

Why Spirits

I dropped out of 

corporate life

I spent the next few years traveling the globe trying to find the best

hidden treasures.  I  didn’t have any industry contacts, so I just cold-called

and literally walked up to the distiller front doors across the globe. No clue. Just a smile and a bad haircut!


Closing a deal with a 200+ year old Japanese Shochu maker was the most challenging.   I was asking them to let me brand their ancient formula.  It took me 3 years of dinners and friendship before

they finally announced they would work with me.

Scott’s first impression of Airag (made from fermented mare milk)

Building the Brand

Make Epic Sh*t Happen

We wanted to create a brand that everyone

could join and share with each other…

Global products like vodka, whisky, rum,

tequila. procescco—but find something

different, better..new…exciting..


Most of what we saw on shelf was all

the same….I personally got really inspired by what my friends were doing out in Silicon Valley disrupting big industries and I thought…

what if we could disrupt the whole alcohol industry..

…that shit would be epic!!

I signed my life savings away...What?

Bill, my former boss, ran big global brands like Pepsi and Stoli Vodka. He taught me all the fundamental of creating successful brands; from testing, audience segmentation, and measuring. I remember calling him and asking him about my new company. 


Bill said…”Do everything I taught you and comb your hair.”


I remember writing over my life savings to order the first product.  We had

 tested the crap out the product and I knew it would win.  I wrote out the

check without a drip of sweat on my brow, but I had to change my shorts.

- Side of Highway U.S.A

Fear & Success 

This is a tough section to write, but I feel it’s
the most important.   There are many out there
trying to live their dream, and it’s not easy. I’ve put all I had financially, mentally and emotionally into this company, and there were many days (and nights!) when I wasn’t sure we’d make it. The fear of failure as we got things going was so great. There were days when I was so certain we would fail that my body would shake from the doubts racing through my mind. There were amazing days too. But the stress was tremendous.

I didn’t know what to do…it was a super dark time, but I took
refuge in my friends and family and something bigger than all of us…that help finally pull me out of my dark night of the soul.
All of us who stretch beyond our comfort zones and reach for our dreams face resistance and doubt. When all seems lost, keep working hard and keep the faith and have Hope. There is a way forward, and I now know the path. If you find yourself in a similar dark space, feel free to call me directly at

312-898-0951.  I can share more with you about how I found my way back into reality...into the Light – the MESH!
Here I have rediscovered my soul & passion...a hidden treasure inside. MESH & Bone is about discovering and sharing hidden treasures.  I can't wait to meet you and discover yours.

Scott and Esther - Central China

© 2020 MESH & Bone