• Distilled in a 228-year-old

distillery in Kyushu, Japan

• Made with barley, two special strains of

koji (active yeast culture) and Hitaspring water, famous throughout Japan for its purity

25% ABV

Tasting Notes

Similar to vodka, but with

half the calories, and with a much more

layered flavor


Smooth and clean, typically sipped

straight or over ice


Tokyo Breeze

2 ounces M&B shochu

2 ounces club soda or seltzer 

Lemon peel

Story of Shochu

The Discovery of Shochu

I was fortunate to live and work in Japan.  I worked for a large Japanese company and I was pretty much the only non-Japanese executive.  I was like a mascot…Many of my fellow employees never had much interaction with a gaijin (outsider), and so it was a great learning experience for all. 

Most of all, they introduced me to Shochu I have always thought, probably like my American readers, that sake was the drink of choice, but it’s really a myth, and Shochu is the most popular drink.  I think it’s because it’s higher ABV lends itself to mixing and it’s a lot less serious. 

I hope you enjoy this hidden treasure from Japan!!

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