• Made in Normandy from

apples specially grown in Northern France

and natural grapefruit juice

• Naturally fermented, no sugar added

• Gently effervescent

2.5% ABV

Tasting Notes

• Delicate apple flavor with crisp

grapefruit finish


Smooth and clean, typically sipped

straight or over ice


French Paloma

2 ounces M&B Sotol

2 ounces M&B Pamplemousse

Garnish with lime peel.

Story of Pamplemousse

The Discovery of Pamplemousse

I started dating a French girl in the

Paris office.  She smoked, argued and

treated me like a barbaric American.

I loved every minute of it.

She also introduced me to

Pamplemousse cidre..she eventually

left me for another guy,

 but I still thank her for the cider

Fisherman - Vannes, France

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