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MESH & Bone was founded on the belief that the best life has to offer is discovered when we live courageously and are mindful about how we care for our wellbeing.  We know you have chosen to awake to the moments in your life - to explore and make the most of them.  We are active and care about our wellbeing.  Now there is a better way to drink in moderation.  Celebrating or connecting with friends or family over an drink that includes alcohol doesn't have to ruin your body and mind for the next moment.


Enjoying your favorite cocktail no longer means you have to choose 80 proof spirits and/or lots of sugary mixers that inflame the body and fog the mind.

Our Founder, Scott Crist, spent more than 20 years living and working in remote areas around the world.  These experiences resulted in heightened awareness of the true nature of our deepest human connections, many of these moments were over a bottle of their local spirits.  Spirits that for most people outside of the lesser-traveled regions were unknown, hidden treasures.

MESH & Bone is a curated platform of hidden treasures for you to enjoy.



The Discovery 

of Spirit

Founder's Message

Scott Crist

Who the hell do you think you are?

…a Superstar..??

Well right you are!

- Instant Karma by John Lennon

Alright!  You found my link.  I may not know who you are, but I imagine you may be searching for something deeper than alcoholic beverages.  Somehow you got here, and somehow you’re reading this.


You may be in depression or anxiety, and I’m here to let you know

that you are OK.

I say this in the present tense, because the fear and pain is just an illusion but I know it feels so real.  It feels so real, that you may not be able to distinguish the illusion from reality.


The reason you are in pain is because who forgot who are you.  Who you are is complete joy. And that is why you want to get rid of this pain because you’re not at home.


Home is joy and home is where you belong.  You don’t have to leave to get this joy.  You don’t have to leave this life.

the Joy is inside you right now.

You just have to remember who you are.  It’s like you got amnesia. 


You don’t have to wait until you die to have heaven…heaven is inside of you and in this lifetime..NOW.

..that is why somehow you’re still reading this.  Something tells you that what I’m saying is true.  I know because I went through it.  I felt the extreme suffering and anguish and daily pain.


This suffering has a purpose and even your reading this is shifting your consciousness towards your true nature.


If you find this message confusing, that is good.  Your ego doesn’t want to accept it, but your heart wants to be healed.


I don’t want anyone to go through any more pain than necessary to realize their true nature.


What does this all mean?…I don’t want this sound like New Age or Guru stuff.  I’m just a normal guy who was born with a shit ton of fear…I’m here to tell you that you can make it….I don’t know exactly know what you’re going through, but thanks for hearing me out.


Be bold.  Find your Epic.  You are a superstar!



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